5 Things You’d Rather Do Than Review Your Budget

Budgeting ranks right up there with root canals and changing the wax seal under your toilet. In fact, a recent Gallup Poll found that only 1/3 of Americans even have a budget. Why is this? Because they’re not fun and exciting; they’re boring and, frankly, sometimes depressing. To prove my point, here are five things you’d probably rather do than look at your budget. Be honest—at least a few of these, if not all, are true.

  1. Clean the ________.  Fill in the blank with gutters, garage, sump pump—it doesn’t matter.  You’d rather clean it than review the finances.
  2. Call your Aunt Beulah.  You haven’t talked to her in ages, but suddenly have the urge to thank her for all those fruitcakes she sent you over the years.
  3. Start planning your thirty year reunion—even though it’s 23 years away.
  4. Catalog your VHS tapes.  This is a pressing matter you’ve been ignoring for years.  It’s killing you to know whatever happened to your Jim Varney’s Greatest Films collection and if it survived the four moves you’ve made across the country.
  5. Watch Cavemen re-runs.  Yes, it was a sitcom based on an insurance television commercial.  And yes, they only made thirteen episodes, six of which actually aired.  But all of the sudden, its compelling storyline grips you, keeping you from the budget that looms in the background.

So how’d you do? Were there at least a couple of things that sounded more appealing than your budget? Probably, and that’s okay, because budgeting hasn’t traditionally been much fun. Thankfully, FitFin is here to help. What is FitFin? Check out some of our cool features:

  • Make a working mini-budget (like a grocery or dining budget) in thirty seconds
  • Create a complete budget for your discretionary spending in about ten minutes
  • Track your budget in about ten seconds
  • Sync your budget with your shopping list so that you can see if you have money to spend before you go to the store
  • Never forget an item at the store again because everything you is now stored online and in your phone
  • Keep every shopping list for every store you shop at in one place—no more need for multiple apps, with multiple ways to make and use a list

We’ve taken something that’s traditionally been complicated and simplified it; we’ve made things that used to take hours now take minutes—or seconds! Why? Because although we think budgeting is necessary, we also know it doesn’t top your Fun List. Because, like you, we’d rather hang out with friends or watch a movie on a Saturday night than sit in front of the computer crunching numbers. That’s why we created FitFin. We’d rather run our finances than have them run us.

To see how easy budgeting and shopping with FitFin can be, check out www.FitFin.com.

Welcome aboard!

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