Don’t throw away that receipt!

Okay, I admit it . . .  receipts are annoying. They clutter up our tables, fall onto the floors of our cars, and are generally a pain.  But think about all of the great information that’s on a receipt! Receipts can tell us when and where we shop, but with FitFin, they can also tell us EXACTLY what we buy.  Over time, that can give you a deeper level of insight into your spending. All this is done by simply snapping pictures of your receipts.  How easy is that?

FitFin has special technology that allows for receipts to be broken down to the product level so you know what you bought and how much it cost, which you can then track against your overall budget. But it does much more than just track the total amount spent.  It also helps you track how many times you purchase individual products, how much your aggregate spend is for those products over time, and it also lets you know where products are cheapest! Want to know if the coffee you’re buying at Walmart is really cheaper than Target? FitFin can help with that!

FitFin also stores receipts, so that you no longer have a George Constanza wallet or a desk that looks like Dunder Mifflin exploded on top of it. Once a digital image of a receipt is stored inside the FitFin app, you can easily retrieve it by store name, date, receipt amount, or even by a keyword on the receipt! So let’s say you always buy groceries at Walmart, but one time you bought a new smart TV.  You can tag that receipt so that if you need to find that one Walmart receipt with the TV purchase on it, it’s as simple as searching it by word.  And you have the power to rename the keyword so that if the smart TV you bought actually reads SMRTTV or something funky on a receipt (as is sometimes the case), you can call it whatever you want so it’s easy to find.  How cool is that?

And it’s all as simple as snapping a picture of your receipt! Check out this video that shows the process in detail:

Download FitFin on Android or on  iOS.

Happy snapping!

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